President’s Message October

Message from the President

The month of September was relatively quiet compared to August.  Some of our members were able to recuperate from serious illnesses and surgeries.  Your collective support, understanding and sympathy was sincerely appreciated by those friends and familie

We had one major fund-raising event this month with the Thermal Engineering International company.  We had 40 guests learning and playing their first game of lawn bowling, and there was a few more on the sidelines observing and enjoying their catered lunch.  They had a blast and I hope that we will see more of them in the future.  Pat Gonzalez hosted our second workshop for blind veterans.  Among those participants was Gill Gillespie, a past member of our club.  A big shout out goes to all the many volunteers that helped make these events a success.  These things can only happen because of our volunteers.  Thank you all.

September was a busy month of tournament activity in the Southwest Division.  Candy DeFazio, Giulia Gallo, and Flor Wright took 3rd place in the Women’s California Bear Rinks.  Charlie Herbert took 1st place and Dave Morrison took 2nd place in the Maccabee Pairs.  And in the Izzie Forbes Vet/Novice Triples tournament held right here at our club, Stephanie Johnson, Steve Jones and Dave Williams got 2nd place.  Flor Wright was with the 3rd place team.  And Carol Poto, Dwight Parker and Tricia Quan were with the 4th place team.  Mike Mirabal organized our LBLBC Singles tournament and Jake Jeffery took 1st place and Steve Folick took second place.  What a wonderful way to finish out the month.  Congratulations to everyone.

Next month we will be restarting the OLLI program thanks to Mel Leach.  For four Thursdays in October, starting at 3:30, Mel and other instructors will provide an introductory lesson to a group of people “most likely to join” our club.  Other than this program event for CSULB, we don’t have any other major events or tournaments on the calendar.

Greg Golgart (and friends) will have a chance to catch up on a few things around the club.  One thing that we need to start addressing is the divots or dents created by bowlers when they loft or dump their bowls; bowl bouncing is not appropriate, it’s damaging.  Like golfers replacing their divots, we have sand dispensers on the equipment cart that we should be using if we accidentally dent the greens.  Please be courteous to the next bowler, pay attention to your delivery and fill your divots if they happen.  We now have a new mower coming from England that should hit our shores very soon.  Our current one is over 10 years old, and our resident mechanic, Mike Mirabal, has had his hands full keeping it up and running.

This year has seemed to fly by.  Looking back, I see that we have accomplished so much.  We have seen many improvements around the club, both large and small (green improvements, new mats, equipment room doors, umbrellas, and water fountain, to name but a few).  And as more people have come out of their Covid Cocoons, our membership and participation has increased remarkably.  People are playing more, learning more, and improving their skills.  Our club is our membership, our family.  We all have a hand in the joy we experience here.

As always, if you have any suggestions concerning how the club can better serve its members, please let me or any board member know.  While we cannot promise everything to everyone, those things that we can act on will surely benefit us all.

Let’s have some fun,

Mark Holden, President

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