President’s Message December

Message from the President


The month of November revealed a change of season and provided a time of reflection.  Some of us are still physically on the mend, but I hope we can all see the light on the horizon.

While we can always use the rain, unfortunately we got our first major downpour on the day of our only fundraiser for the month, Sculptor Capital Management, and they had to cancel.  I still want to thank all of those who volunteered to help in making that event a possibility.

The only tournament we had in November was Pat Gonzales’s Carnival.  We had 60 people competing, and everyone had a blast.  This is a long standing event where we all get to let our hair down and just have some fun with our fellow bowlers from clubs around the area.  June “Kiwi” Ralph took 1st place and Steve Folick took 3rd.   Our Connie Delgado won the award for Best Costume.  Candy organized the after-party with plenty of food and libations for our celebration.  Pat is already organizing the next Carnival for its normal time slot of March/April.

Coming up in December we are having our AGM (Annual General Meeting) on Saturday the 3rd.  This will happen at 9:00 am before the draw game that day.  This is an important affair where we get to have a say in who serves on the clubs’ leadership team (i.e., the Board of Directors).  In addition, this year we will vote to confirm the revisions that the Board has recommended to our By Laws.  By now everyone has received notifications of who will be running for the Board and what changes are being put forward concerning the By Laws.  We need a quorum of our membership for this meeting, so your participation is essential.

In the past year we have made some significant achievements.  In addition to our all-important maintenance activities, we have made physical improvements (equipment, doors, shelves, lighting, etc.) as well as improvements to our ranks, adding close to 50 new members.  This is all because of you, you made this happen.  Your support, your volunteering, your service.  This club is nearly 100 years old now, and with your continued involvement, we’ll last another 100 years.  Thank you all.

To wrap up this month’s message, I want to express my gratitude to the Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club.  It has truly been my honor to have been able to act as your President this last year.  We are an eclectic group of people, with so many different styles, backgrounds, and beliefs; I love every one of you.  There will be challenges ahead, but acting together, tomorrow will always be a better day.

As always, if you have any suggestions concerning how the club can better serve its members, please let me or any board member know.  While we cannot promise everything to everyone, those things that we can act on will surely benefit us all.

Let’s have some fun,

Mark Holden, President

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