Greens Maintenance

We are open, however, it’s time for some Greens maintenance.  We hope to keep disruptions to a bare minimum, but there will be some inconvenience, and I’m sorry.

Starting on Monday, January 16th, the Center green will come out of rotation for 4 to 6 weeks.  The recent rains have revealed numerous low spots which will be filled in with sand to level our playing field.  The low spots will be identified and marked, and then sand will be spread and leveled in those areas.  The grass will be given time to propagate before the field is tested again to assure us that we were successful.  Additionally, we intend to aerate the green to improve future drainage.

During this time, we will primarily use the South green for bowling.  Unfortunately, the South green also has some bad areas like the Center currently has (muddy packed areas near the plinth).  This may limit the number of rinks for playing depending on weather and other conditions (currently there are 2 or 3 rinks in one direction, and 4 in the other).  Please step down from the deck onto the green gently and set your mats out at least 3, 4, or even 5 steps out.  The North green will serve as our overflow green should it become necessary.

Once the Center green comes back into rotation, we will repeat this process on the South green.  We are also planning on a half day of major remediation work mid-February to address our chronic trouble areas on the North green.  We will need around 8 volunteers to assist in that effort.  Please let Greg Golgart know if you can help once we have established a firm date.  Our goal is to have 3 very playable greens for our next tournament season.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this difficult, but temporary, time.


Mark Holden

President, LBLBC

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