President’s Message October

Message from the President

The month of September was relatively quiet compared to August.  Some of our members were able to recuperate from serious illnesses and surgeries.  Your collective support, understanding and sympathy was sincerely appreciated by those friends and familie

We had one major fund-raising event this month with the Thermal Engineering International company.  We had 40 guests learning and playing their first game of lawn bowling, and there was a few more on the sidelines observing and enjoying their catered lunch.  They had a blast and I hope that we will see more of them in the future.  Pat Gonzalez hosted our second workshop for blind veterans.  Among those participants was Gill Gillespie, a past member of our club.  A big shout out goes to all the many volunteers that helped make these events a success.  These things can only happen because of our volunteers.  Thank you all.

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Draw Game Rules


Adopted by Board of Directors, June 2022

  1. Morning and afternoon draw games are 14 ends unless both skips decide otherwise.
  2. Club tournament matches are allowed during draw game times.
  3. Pickup games are not allowed during draw game times.
  4. Individual (alone) practice is allowed during draw game times.
  5. Jacks improperly delivered by each team will be centered 2 meters from the ditch.
  6. Dead ends will be re-spotted 2 meters from the ditch.
  7. You must put up your own tag by 9:45 for morning games and 12:30 for afternoon games.  The last person to arrive is at risk of not playing in the game if there is an uneven number of players.
  8. Other rules notwithstanding, Bowls USA Laws of the Game must be followed.