Have a Bowling Party!

Bowling Parties

John Tinsley

Steve Jones


Are you looking to throw a party or have a workplace event?  The Long   Beach Lawn Bowling Club is a great alternative to crowded bars, noisy   restaurants, or stale office facilities.  Make your event unique by   including the wonderful game of Lawn Bowling.  Located in Recreation Park   in Long Beach, the Club is easily accessible from local freeways and public   transportation, but is quiet and private.  All of our rentals include:

  • access to our championship quality greens
  • instructor’s on site to help with bowling
  • all necessary equipment (bowls, rakes, jacks, mats, etc.) provided
  • large meeting room with tables, chairs, and couches
  • television
  • covered outdoor patio with plenty of picnic benches
  • men’s and women’s restrooms
  • full kitchen (available for additional fee of $100.00)
  • clubhouse is wheelchair accessible
  • parking
  • please wear flat soled shoes for use on green
  • Party/Event duration is limited to 3 hours.

    Fee Schedule:
    Up to 12 people — $250
    Up to 24 people — $500
    Up to 36 people — $700
    Up to 48 people (maximum) — $1,000
    Kitchen use fee (if requested) — $100

Please book your party as soon as possible and sign a contract with down payment.

Please contact: Jon Tinsley 562-522-8080 or Steve Jones 562-682-7920