US Open Preparation is underway at our club!


On Wed September 20th a group of hardy club members dedicated their day to start preparations for the “Bowls USA US Open 2023”. There was planning, painting, drilling, straightening, cleaning and a few aching muscles by the end of the day. We want our club to shine the week of the open as we welcome bowlers from across the U.S. and many countries.

We can use your help:

Workday: Wednesday September 27 9::00 am. Contact Steve Jones for more Info. 562-682-7920

Markers: Markers are needed at the club October 8th, 9th and13th for the men’s and women’s singles qualifying matches. This is a great opportunity to see some of the best bowlers in the country work their bowling magic. Training will be provided. Morning and afternoon shifts. Sign up at the club or contact Eileen Lancendorfer at 650-339-2859.

Set-up, Hospitality and End of Day Clean-up: Sign up sheets are in the club. We need your help to make our club shine.

2023 Carnival Great Success

Forty-two bowlers from across Southern California came dressed in their carnival best to enjoy the 2023 Carnival hosted by Pat Gonzales and the LBLBC a 25 year tradition. The winners included (1) Jake Jeffery, (2) Kelly Warren, (3) Peg Anderson, (4) Dan Paul, (5) Dan Cornwell, (6) Gilbert Wong, Consolation: Steve Folick, and Dan Mathhens Dave Ostrin.

Many People helped to make this such a fun afternoon:

  • Hospitality: Joanne MacKnight, Margaret Butler, Dot Pleasant, June Ralph, Joel Fruehan, Mark Holden
  • Setup: Steve Jones, Frank Moltane, Lee Boyer
  • Photos: Frank and Charlyn Moltane
  • Scorekeeping: Howard Harris
  • Check in: Joel Fruehan, Patti Balsillie

Bob Daniels and Morris Jolly Inducted into Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club Hall of Fame

On Thursday March 2nd after social bowling Long time members Bob Daniels and Morris Jolly were inducted into LBLBC Hall of Fame. Pat Gonzales acted as MC at the gathering and ice cream social. Members new and old as well as honorees families were present for the induction.

Morris who turned 90 on March 1st has served several times as club President as well as SW Bowls representative and has been a part of the club since open house of the rear 2000.

Bob who turned 93 last September for many years was editor and the driving force behind club newsletter “The Write Shot” and editor and master behind the yearly “Membership Directory.

The club thanks both of these members for their outstanding service!

Draw Game Rules


Adopted by Board of Directors, June 2022

  1. Morning and afternoon draw games are 14 ends unless both skips decide otherwise.
  2. Club tournament matches are allowed during draw game times.
  3. Pickup games are not allowed during draw game times.
  4. Individual (alone) practice is allowed during draw game times.
  5. Jacks improperly delivered by each team will be centered 2 meters from the ditch.
  6. Dead ends will be re-spotted 2 meters from the ditch.
  7. You must put up your own tag by 9:45 for morning games and 12:30 for afternoon games.  The last person to arrive is at risk of not playing in the game if there is an uneven number of players.
  8. Other rules notwithstanding, Bowls USA Laws of the Game must be followed.